Learning and education are very important!!  SAL members who are "Full Time Students" will have their annual dues


The American Legion Family of Post 77 will be focusing on the 10 Ideals program and the 5-Star Merit program for the SAL Squadron and Junior Auxiliary.  Join us at a monthly general meeting or monthly Jr Auxiliary/SAL meeting to get more information or participate in these excellent programs.

Post Commander, 1st Vice/Adjutant and Chaplain/Finance have issued a CHALLENGE to all members of American Legion Family Post 77 that are 17years old and younger - If you earn the 5-Star Merit Medal within 12-months, you will get $60.00!! 

Are you up to making some pretty easy money?

Sons of the American Legion Squadron 77

The Junior Auxiliary and SAL Squadron meet at 9am on the first Saturday of each month in the Sisters Room at the Center for Non-Profits (1200 W. Walnut  Rogers, Arkansas)

(This room is located beside McCauley Hall)

​Check the Auxiliary facebook page for any changes or cancellations