The American Legion Post Family 77 remains active! Like so many others, we adjusted and managed through Covid and lockdowns while striving to continue our mission of helping our Veterans, Active Military, the Military Families and our communities - and we stand together, stronger and ready to help and support.  Veterans know that a mission must be carried on, even in the hardest of conditions.

If you are a veteran or military family member who needs some assistance or help, please reach out to us.  You can contact the post by email, message or phone (See contact us information or visit our Facebook page). 

We are getting back to meeting in person, we meet at the Community Room at the old Centerton City Hall room.  We have a meal provided by Journey Ministries at 6pm and move right into our general meeting around 630pm.  The Auxiliary usually meets during the meal.  We stay together during the meal and meetings, so we can share information and input, in order to be as efficient and effective as possible.

If you have military service anywhere in your family, come and see us and we can help determine if you may be eligible to join The American Legion Family!

Shawn Henning
Post Commander