The Declaration of Independence declares "all men are created equal".  This has been an iconic statement throughout the history of our country, and in these difficult times, the statement speaks louder then ever before.  We may manage our lives in different ways through this pandemic, we may face different circumstances, and we may hold different views regarding the crisis, however, we are all still created equal.

As our country, state, cities and communities face the current pandemic, many programs and activities have had to be suspended or cancelled or postponed all over.  The American Legion is no exception to this. 

Many of the events and activities we had planned for 2020 have had to be put on hold.  We are still active though, and still stand ready to help and support our veterans, military families and our community as best as we can.

If you are a veteran or military family member who needs some assistance or help during these times, please reach out to us.  You can contact the post by email, message or phone (See contact us information or visit our Facebook page). 

Shawn Henning

Post Commander