​​Post Officers (2023 - 2024)

Commander:       Shawn Henning

1st Vice:               Rodney Robinson

2nd Vice:              VACANT

Adjutant:              Rodney Robinson

Finance Officer:   Robert Anderson

Chaplain:              Robert Anderson

Historian:             Jodi Robinson

Sargent at Arms:   VACANT

Service Officer:    VACANT

We are looking for a few good folks to help run our Post, Auxiliary and SAL Squadron!!

SAL Officers (2023 - 2024)

Commander:         Sylis Centenos

1st Vice:                Michael Langley

2nd Vice:               Colin Miles

Adjutant:               Rodney Robinson

Finance Officer:    Rodney Robinson

​Sargent at Arms:   Shelton Langley

​Chaplain:              Jonathon Robinson

Historian:              VACANT

Parliamentarian:   Shawn Henning

Trustees:              Robbie Glenn

                             Daniel Henning

                             Christian Henning

                             Johnny Schraeder

                             Cody Miles

ALA Officers (2023 - 2024)

President:          Michelle Henning

Vice President:  Cindy Harding

Secretary:          Cathy Schraeder

​Historian:          Rodney Robinson

​Chaplain:          Samantha Shaffer